About Us

We understand the inconvenience of circling around the block looking for parking space or the safety concerns people face when they look for long-term storage for their vehicles. This is where Vehicle Park saves the day!

Vehicle Park, Perth aims to provide a safe, accessible, and conducive facility for parking and storage of all vehicle types and containers. Generously spaced in a 10,000 sq ft area and conveniently located opposite Cannington railway station in Perth, Vehicle Park is the ultimate solution to long-term and short-term storage and parking issues. 

Why choose Vehicle Park?

  • Variety of sizes for both domestic and commercial clients
  • Suit yourself with an hourly/ weekly/ monthly payment structure, no long-term commitment
  • 24/7 access
  • Secure space with constant CCTV surveillance and boundary setup
  • Affordable, transparent, and competitive pricing
  • Reliable and dependable team 
  • Friendly and helpful staff for a smooth parking and storage experience
  • Online and offline payment modes
  • A roomy fill-in home for your vehicles

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