Classic Car Storage

Classic Car Storage

From our conveniently situated site in Australia, we provide a complete selection of custom options for historic automobile storage to meet all needs and price ranges. In addition to offering a location for your classic car that is clean, secure, and spacious, we also offer the assurance of more than 40 CCTV cameras and a 24/7 on-site presence for complete security. You won’t find a better-suited storage facility anywhere in Australia, whether you’re looking to secure your investment while you’re away from home or shelter your classic car from the worst of the winter weather. We will always try our best, whether you need assistance with a long-term or urgent storage requirement.

Drive-up storage units are referred to because you can pull your classic automobile up, park them inside, close the garage-style door, and lock them. Like residential garages, car storage containers completely enclose your car to shield it from the elements, including wind, rain, snow, and the sun’s harmful rays. Safety and security are the top priorities when choosing vintage car parking automobile storage, and we at Vehicle Park Australia are aware of this. With a digital key-fob provided upon arrival, you will have 24/7 access to your classic car while it is housed in our secure facility.

Classic Car Storage

Contrary to some storage facilities, we don’t just leave historic cars in any old parking spot and call it good. By choosing our classic automobile parking facility, you get the assistance and attention of our onsite staff, available around the clock. Furthermore, we can offer the ideal parking package to meet your specific needs thanks to our variable storage choices. To find out more, give us a call at any time.

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With large units dedicated entirely to parking and storage for all vehicle types, we make secure parking in Perth as easy as a walk in the park, Literally!

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Safeguard your vehicle with our affordable 24/7 CCTV and boundary-secured, parking-storage space.

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Free ideal storage solutions and tips so that you know your way around locking and securing your vehicle and feel at ease while you’re away.

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